Faces of IDEAL

My IDEAL Experience: Sayid Webb

My name is Sayid Webb, twenty-two years old and I'm a second-year student at the IDEAL program. My experience during college is just like I dreamed it to be. I go to Georgia State University and I am enrolled in the GSU IDEAL Program. In my first year, I was a little bit nervous until I saw my old friends from Warren Tech. Warren Technical School is a trade school in Dekalb County, Georgia, for students aging from 16 to 22 where we learned about different job industries and received training according to interest. Through the many programs, I was able to gain experience in graphic design and that’s where I was recommended to apply for the IDEAL program at Georgia State. In IDEAL, I used my Graphic Design skills for events, invitations, and parties.

[Below: Sayid with classmates Nadia and Deonte at a GSU football game]

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