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How to Prep for an Audition!

  1. Find an acting company that is near you from the internet (

  2. Fill out an application for an acting roll.

  3. Make sure you have your head shot and a wining attitude.

  4. Go to the acting company for your audition. Some companies don't give you a script before you come in but don't freak out, just stay calm and focus.

A good example of an audition could be you walk in with your head shot, looking respectable. When it is time for the audition - just be yourself...crack a smile, tell a joke, do a little dance. Remember, you’re in a creative job! Have fun with the audition. At the end of the day, they want more than just an actor, they want a team player and someone nice to be around.

Here are a list of some acting companies in ATL

The Oak theater.

Decatur community players.

Onstage Atlanta.

Catapult acting studios.


written by Deriq Graves

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