Faces of IDEAL

Nierra Dyer 

Class of 2020

Art Concentration

"Colorful Heart"
"Colorful Still lIfe"
"This is Nierra"
"Colorful Self Portrait"

An Interview with Nierra


GSU is...

IDEAL is...


Q. What do you want to do after you complete the IDEAL program?

A. "I want to live with either a roommate or by myself at the apartment plus I want to work at the Children’s Museum

again next semester."


Q. Why did you want to take art here at GSU?

A. "At first I was a little frustrated because I didn’t understand it, but then I got better."


Q. What do you like to depict in your art?

A. "I like to draw stories because I like to tell stories, and some TV characters too."


Q. What is your favorite memory from this semester?

A. "Being an office assistant at the IDEAL office."

Q. What advice would you give to someone that wants to be a part of the IDEAL program next year?

A. "Don’t be nervous and be happy with yourself."

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