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Faces of IDEAL

Les McBride 

Class of 2019

Music Production


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An Interview with Les

A Good School


GSU is...

IDEAL is...

Q. What do you want to do after you complete the IDEAL program?

A. "Imma keep doing music, but to be honest I have a dream about going to the military. I’ve seen some movies that inspired me, so just like why not?"


Q. Do you want to make your own music or produce music for recording artists?

A. "I kinda wanna be like DJ Khalid a little bit, you know do some beats and maybe put some artists on, or put myself on. Just have my own studio. I like rap, probably do R&B, probably a little bit of jazz. I listen to The Weekend, so I’d like to work with them."


Q. What is your favorite memory from this semester?

A. "Being around different people who came from different school, different environments, and they’re just trying to make themselves better. And IDEAL is a pretty good program to go to. Anyone that would like to do college, I would tell them IDEAL is the place."


Q. How has IDEAL made a difference in your life?

A. "It changed me. It helped me to like different genres, I never went to school with different types of people. I always went to school in my race, so I like mixing with different people. It feels really good and it made me a better person. It gave me more respect. And it gave me an opportunity to go to college too. A lot of people haven’t gone to college, so I’m glad I had my opportunity. I’m glad I went to see the different side of the world."


Q. What advice would you give to someone that wants to be a part of the IDEAL program next year?

A. "I would tell them, hey, go hard. Come here to IDEAL and I hope you do your best, and be yourself, you know don’t be nobody else. Just come to school and make the best of it. You will be successful, you just gotta wait, it takes some time. So IDEAL is a place that will keep you going, motivated, to take it to the next level."

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