Faces of IDEAL

Isaiah Branford 

Class of 2020

Music Production

An Interview with Isaiah


GSU is...

IDEAL is...


Q. What do you want to do after you complete the IDEAL program?

A. "By the time I finish IDEAL, my main goal is to work in a local recording studio and work with famous artists."


Q. What is your favorite memory from this semester?

A. "My favorite memory from the program is when Les and Deonte graduated. I remember doing a speech right before they graduated and I basically talked about how it was
getting to know them and how excited I was to see them graduate."


Q. How has IDEAL made a difference in your life?

A. "IDEAL has really made a difference in my life because I believe that if it wasn’t for IDEAL, I probably wouldn’t have had a chance to go to Georgia State or any college in general. I
probably would’ve either been sitting at home all day or still working at Kroger right now."


Q. What advice would you give to someone that wants to be a part of the IDEAL program next year?

A. "I would say they definitely should be a part of the IDEAL program. I would say that it would really make an impact on their lives and that the IDEAL program can definitely make dreams come true."